Monday, 21 January 2013

Battery Options for the Blackmagic Cinema Camera

Continuing with more info on the Blackmagic Cinema Camera. We are going to look at some battery solutions for the camera. The current built in battery on the BMCC will get you roughly 90 minutes of battery life. Not much when shooting out in the field. However there are some other options. The camera will accept 12V-30V DC power.    

Ikan has some decent solutions for Sony L series, V-Mount and Anton Bauer battery options.

Ikan Sony L series battery option: Estimated run times for Sony 970 L Series batteries are over 4 hours of continuous use. Run times of over 7 hours with 130WH Anton Bauer or V Mount batteries.

Ikan V-mount or Anton Bauer plate with rod quick release and cheese plate for $159 U.S.



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