Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Blackmagic Cinema Camera footage.

So I have gathered together some of the best footage I could find from the Internet that demonstrates exactly what the BMCC can do. Specs are nice but at the end of the day we want to see how will this camera holds up in the field on an actual production being used for actual films, commericals,
 music videos, etc.

I have compiled a variety of different videos showing the strengths of the camera in relation to dynamic range and the ability to garde in 12-bit RAW DNG and Apple ProRes HQ 422. These videos I have linked to from a number of sites like Vimeo and Youtube. For best quality it is better to download the full video from Vimeo.

Below is a great comparison done by OneRiver Media.

Comparing the Cinema Camera & 5D Mk III from OneRiver Media on Vimeo.

Here is a series of grading tests done by various colourists. I like these examples because it really shows how you can change look of the footage to give it a completely different mood or feel.

Blackmagic Cinema Camera 12 bit Raw DNG files Corrected in After Effects from Norman Lang on Vimeo.

Blackmagic Cinema Camera Test DNGs from ickxsfilms on Vimeo.

Black Magic Cinema Camera Footage and Grade from Daniel Bowie on Vimeo.

Blackmagic Cinema Camera - BMCC from James Miller on Vimeo.

Bmcc color grade using Lightroom 4 from Arrius on Vimeo.

Black Magic Cinema Camera Color Grade from Matt Battershell on Vimeo.

This next video is a comparison test done between the BMCC and the Sony FS100. Now there really is no comparison in regards to the cameras in low light. the FS100 is a much better camera in low light. However what I find interesting about this test is how much detail you can still pull out of the low light with BMCC especially in the mid tones. with the 12-bit RAW and those 13 stops of dynamic range you can push it farther than I thought possible. However from an ISO view point their is really no comparison to the FS100 due to it's higher usable ISO.

Blackmagic Cinema Camera vs FS100 Lowlight Shoot-Out from Frank Glencairn on Vimeo.

BMCC vs. GH2 test footage:

BMCC-02 : GH2 versus BMCC (ProRes) from Raitank on Vimeo.

A very quick example of what you can do in DaVinci:

BMCC by DaVinci Resolve9 from Kazuyoshi Tezuka on Vimeo.

A quick Key Test withe BMCC:

BMCC Key Test from Andy Waddell on Vimeo.

BMCC ProRes Graded with Magic Bullet Quick Looks:

BMCC Test Footage from T. Umrani on Vimeo.

Olivia Tech BMCC Color Grade Test from Kofa Boyah on Vimeo.

A Black & White test graded in After Effects:

BMCC Rough Black & White Grade from Manback Productions on Vimeo.

The End Of  The World Shoot Out: A dynamic range test between the BMCC, 5Dmark3, GH3 and Hacked GH2. This is a three part series and I strongly suggest to download the Mp4 to get the full impact of this test series.

END OF THE WORLD SHOOTOUT - PART 1 from Shian Storm on Vimeo.

END OF THE WORLD SHOOTOUT - PART 2 from Shian Storm on Vimeo.

END OF THE WORLD SHOOTOUT - PART 3 from Shian Storm on Vimeo.

Below is a test using GoPro's Cineform software for grading as well as grade done with Adobe Speed Grade. Both results look good and very filmic. I am not sure which grade I prefer better. They both look good. I am leaning more to the Speed Grade look though. Check it out for yourself.

ColorGrading Test with BMCC, GoPro CineForm Studio and Adobe SpeedGrade from The Robinson Brothers on Vimeo.

Here is a link to with some great screen grabs taken from the above shoot:

DNG Sequence Stills

Some more grading tests done using the above footage:

Simple Color | Blackmagic Cinema Camera from Camp Comet on Vimeo.

Some night tests and low light tests done withe BMCC. I think that these tests demonstrate that BMCC can be used in low light situations and shouldn't be written off so quickly.

bmcc test from on Vimeo.

BMCC 12/9/12 from John Christon on Vimeo.

BMCC 12.6.12 from John Christon on Vimeo.

BMC "Snow Bells" from Frank Glencairn on Vimeo.

BMCC test Graded ProRes 422 from Daniel Fery on Vimeo.

Black Magic Cinema Camera - Low Light Test Shoot from Joel Crane on Vimeo.

NOLA AT NIGHT - Blackmagic from The Diamond Bros. on Vimeo.

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