Thursday, 20 June 2013

4K with the Sony FS700 using the Convergent Design Odyssey7Q

So as all know the Sony FS700 is a great camera in-terms of sharpness, lowlight and higher frame rates. It is the only camera in its price range capable of doing 120 and 240 frames at full 1080 video. It of course can go higher if you want to go to 480 and 960 with the sacrifice of dropping the resolution down to standard def. This is of course is huge when you put it in perspective that most other cameras in its price range and even above are only maxing out at 60p 1080. These qualities have made the Sony FS700 a go to camera for many corporate, doc and event shooters looking to take their productions to the next level. There is however one more trick up the camera's sleeve.

The Sony FS700 is capable of doing 4K resolution.... not in camera though, it needs a little help. Having a 4K capable sensor is not quite enough. You will need an external recorder. Sony answered this with the AXS-RS Recorder shown below.

This recorder was originally designed for the Sony F5 and F55 broadcast cameras to do RAW 4K. With a price tag of over $5000 dollars it isn't exactly cheap. However you will need a go between if you want to get 4K out of your FS700 and the AXS-RS recorder. That is the HXR-IFR5 interface also shown below.

The HXR-IFR5 retails for $2,000-2,500 U.S. List price, depending where you look. With these two units attached to the your FS700 you can expect to get 4K at 24p, 30p and 60p as well as 2K at 24p, 30p and 60p you can also achieve 4K 120fps 4 seconds (buffered) and 2K 120 and 240fps continuous. Amazing stuff right? Well there is another option you may want to take a look at. 

Convergent Design's Odyssey7Q recorder/monitor may fit tighter budgets and have some unique qualities that make it appealing to shooters looking for a smaller and lighter package. 

The Odyssey7Q takes the FS700 all the way to 4K without all the hassle of using Sony's RAW recorder and interface. The 7Q retails for for around $2-2500 list U.S. It offers much more than just a recorder. It is also a very decent OLED monitor as well offering the following: 

-1280 x800 resolution on a 7.7" inch panel.

-3400 contrast ratio 

-8-bit RGB 

-16 Million Colours 

-Touch Screen interface 

-IOS and Android APP capable. 

The Odyssey 7Q recorder offers the following while taking 3G SDI out of the Sony FS700.

-1-60fps at 4K

-120fps RAW (burst mode only)

-240 2K RAW continuous to Cinema DNG

The Odyssey uses 2.5 SSD drives however you have to use Convergent Design's media. Their drives come in the following capacities:




Sony is charging for their FS700 to use the Odyssey 7Q to unlock the 4K.  The price for this will be $400 dollars U.S. from Sony.

I feel that this device will take the FS700 to the next level and unlock it's full potential with the ability to do 4K, plus future proofing it and giving even greater recording options. 

Here is a video showing the Odyssey7Q unit in action:        

The Odyssey7Q should be available later this summer. 

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