Friday, 26 July 2013

Very cool stabilizer plugin for FCP, FCP X and Adobe Premiere

A company called CoreMelt has very cool stabilizing software that may interest users looking to get rid of DSLR rolling shutter or just to simply stabilize shaky shots. Some of the test footage they have up on their site is very impressive, especially when it comes to handheld shots.

CoreMelt is claiming that it is the fastest way to analyze and stabilize your footage. Many of the demo footage they have up is very intriguing. They claim it is better than the built-in stabilization in FCP X with less zooming and reduced rolling shutter artefacts.

Here is the website for more info: Lock & Load

Embedded are some videos that demonstrate Lock & Load in action:

       Take a Walk - walking image stabilization test (Sony RX100) from Brandon Li on Vimeo.

         Core Melt's Lock & Load vs FCP's Smoothcam from lovelyjunkie on Vimeo.

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